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PAMS Link is an off-venue showcase presenting a variety of Korean performing arts productions. At PAMS Link, you will be exposed to a wide range of the newest Korean performances.
A total of 21 pieces will be performed during the 2012 Performing Arts Market in Seoul, including works presented a festival showcasing an eclectic range of performances in theatre, musical theatre, and traditional arts, with a focus on non-verbal performance; the Seoul Performing Arts Festival(SPAF), which features some of the most talked-about Korean and international works in theatre, dance and multidisciplinary performance; Seoul International Dance Festival(SIDance), which stages internationally recognized overseas works as well as pieces by up-and-coming Korean choreographers.
A fixed number of tickets will be offered at a reduced price or as a complimentary tickets to PAMS2012 participants.


  • Period : Sep. 12(Wed) - Sep. 28(Fri)
  • Log in to the PAMS 2012 homepage with your ID and password
  • Choose [Showcase Reservation] on the menu and make your reservation
  • PAMS Link performance reservations available on a first-come, first-served basis. In some cases, reservations may not be available. You can confirm whether your registration was approved after the close of reservation period.
  • Approval results will be listed on your [MY PAMS] page, and notification will be given by email.


Reservation desk will be open:

Reservation desk will be open
Date Time Location
Oct. 8(Mon) 12:00-15:00 K-Arts Theater Lobby, Korean National University of Arts
Oct. 9(Tue)~11(Thu) 09:00-15:00 Registration Desk, National Theater of Korea
Oct. 12(Fri) 11:00-14:00

*Times and locations are subject to change.

  • Reservations for performances on Oct. 6(Sat)~8(Mon) can only be made via pre-reservation.
  • Reservations for performances on Oct. 13(Mon) can only be made via pre-reservation, or by registering at the reservation desk during PAMS 2012.
  • Please note that complimentary tickets and other benefits are limited, vary for each performance, and are only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

PAMS Link Performances

PAMS Link Performances
Genre Title Company Date Notes
Theatre Five Fools and You LATT Children's Theatre Oct. 10
It's Spring Chuncheon Cultural Foundation Oct. 9-12
Peer Gynt Yohangza Theatre Company Oct. 11-13
Dance Be Infected with MOVEMENT FACTORY(M.F.) DANCE COMPANY Oct. 9
Seoul Dance Platform 2012 Seoul Dance Platform Auspice Oct. 10-12
Communiqué Seoul Ballet Theatre Oct. 10 SIDance
Korean Identity through Dance 17-1 KIM Jin-Mi, LEE Tae-Sang, CHOI JiYeon Movement Oct. 8 SIDance
Korean Identity through Dance 17-2 KIM Jung-Ah, YUN Min-Suk, LEE Hee-Ja Oct. 9 SIDance
Freshly Caught Dancing RYU Jang-Hyun & Friends Oct. 12-13
Homework 18 / Raw Material JK Project / LIM Jee-Ae Oct. 8-9 SPAF
Access-i / MARS UM / ett Oct. 12-13 SPAF
FITNESS GUIDE JEONG Geum-Hyung Oct. 12-13
Music Eight Sounds gamin Oct. 12
Music & Electronics TIMF Ensemble Oct. 11
Upcycle Roundup Upcycle Roundup Oct. 9
Multi- disciplinary Fanta-Stick Haera Inc. Oct. 6-13
Action Drawing <HERO> Pentatonic Inc. Oct. 6-12
World Beat VINARI DULSORI Korea Oct. 6-7, Oct. 9-13
KARMA The Patron Company Oct. 6-7, Oct. 9-13
JUMP YEGAM Inc. Oct. 9-11
Bibap PERSONA Inc. Oct.6-13
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