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Booth Registration

  • Arts Groups and Professionals : Individuals and groups wishing to introduce their works
  • Arts Organizations : Arts Councils, Cultural Foundations, Associations wishing to introduce their activities
  • Arts Companies : Businesses in the performing arts

Registration Period and Cost

  • Registration Period : Aug. 1(Wed) ~ 26(Sun), 17:00
  • Registration Cost : KRW 680,000(around 600 USD)
  • ※ Payment cost can be differently charged on you, depending on the exchange rate on your registration date.

    ※ Booth Operation hours and Location

    Oct. 9(Tue)~11(Thu), 13:00-16:00, 2nd and 3rd floor lobbies, Main Hall 'Hae,' National Theater of Korea


  • Booth comes with standard offerings of one table, three chairs, and an electrical outlet.
  • ※ A/V devices and other equipment must be rented separately.

    ※ Information about designated rental companies will be made available after close of Booth registration (in August).

  • Two PAMS 2012 participant passes, valid for observation of all programs
  • ※ Admission may not be available for certain programs that operate on a first come, first served or prior reservation basis.
    ※ Participants will not be admitted to the venue without their passes, and are prohibited from transferring their passes to others.
    ※ Two passes are provided per booth registered. Those requiring additional passes will need to register individually.

  • Ticket discounts for all PAMS Link performances
  • ※ For details on reservation, please see the PAMS Link page (announcement scheduled for September).

  • Souvenirs and information packet including PAMS programs

Please note

  • Booth registration operates on a first come, first served basis (according to payment date). Registration may close early.
  • When applying for a booth, please refer to the floor plan and select three desired locations in order of preference.
  • If your desired locations have already been selected by other applicants, an improvised booth will be set up at a position nearest your preferred location.
  • You may apply for up to two booths online. Those wishing to rent three or more booths should contact the Secretariat in advance.

Payment Methods

  • Payment Option: Bank Transfer or Credit Card

Download Registration Payment Form

Cancelations and Refunds

    How to Cancel: Send a cancelation form by email or fax and confirm by telephone.

  • Full refund when canceled on your registration date
  • 80% refund until seven days before registration close date: (~ Aug. 19)
  • 70% refund until day before registration close date: (~ Aug. 25)
  • 50% refund on registration close date: (Aug. 26)
  • No cancelations after Aug. 26.
  • ※ Payment refund takes an estimated period of one week.

Cancelations and Refunds Form Download

Security and Safety

    The Korea Arts Management Service assumes no responsibility for the damage or loss of items belonging to an exhibiting group during the exhibition period. Responsibility for booth and exhibition item security lies with the exhibiting group. Due to the location design, there may be transit through the exhibition area following the close of the Booth Exhibition, so please take measures to protect any valuables.

    ※ No separate storage site has been arranged. Those concerned about the loss of valuables should keep them on their person.


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