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FOCUS Session: Visegrad & Balkan Performing Arts

Date: Oct.8(Mon.) 13:30 - 18:00
Venue: Korea National University of Arts, K-Arts Theater B

To date, PAMS put spotlight on specific region each year; Asia in 2006 and 2011, Europe in 2007 in conjunction with IETM satellite meeting in Seoul, Southern America in 2008, Northern America in 2009, and Nordic Europe in 2010.
In 2012, it's Visegrad and Balkan Performing Arts under the spotlight. Session will offer audience with deeper understanding towards the region's performing arts landscape and issues in their cultural and social context. With support from International Visegrad Fund.

[PART 1] Historic and Cultural Legacy from Yesterday

We go through the historic and cultural legacies from the past which are engraved in their performing arts: jewish holocaust in Poland during the World War II, communist regime and fall of Iron Curtain, democratic revolution and cultural decentralization, etc.

[PART 2] Artistic experiments and Social engagement of Today

We look into the latest achievements and tendencies of Visegrad and Balkan performing arts scene where some dynamic and vibrant artistic experiments are being made, blurring the borders between the genres. Also, we listen to the performing arts festivals which address political/social/cultural issues of the past and the present.

[PART 3] Visegrad & Balkan Cultural Cooperation for Tomorrow

Which collaborations do we witness within East Europe and Visegrad & Balkan countries of nowadays? We look into the EEPAP(East European Performing Arts Platform) which is an international platform of co-operation for young performing artists, curators and producers working in the countries situated at the eastern border of the European Union. Then, we turn our eyes upon Visegrad/Balkan regional cultural cooperation.

Country, Speaker, Organization
Country Speaker Organization
Balkan Croatia Zvonimir Dobrović Perforations and Queer Zagreb Festivals / Artistic director
Serbia Milan Lučić Cultural Center Dom Omladine / Director
Visegrad Czech Pavla Petrová Arts and Theatre Institute / Director
Czech Kamila Samková NEWWEB public association / Regional Coordinator
Hungary Attila Szabó Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute / Theatrologist and Researcher
Hungary Mayerné Szilágyi Mária Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest / Festival director
Poland Grzegorz Reske Konfrontacje Teatralne Festival / Producer
Poland Piotr Gruszczyński Nowy Teatr / Theater critic and Dramaturg
Slovakia Dáša Čiripová Theatre Institute Bratislava / Editor-in-chief of Kød
Slovakia Katarína Dudáková Divadelná Nitra Association/ Board member
Divadelná Nitra International Festival / Manager of Parallel Lives Project
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