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페이스북 트위터

*We unfortunately announce that LIP Showcase is cancelled due to the circumstances of the companies*

LIP Showcase presents premiering excerpt version of international co-production to facilitate their distribution and circulation on world stages.

  • Title : In the Shadow of the Dragon
  • Genre : Multidisciplinary
  • Companies : Noreum Machi(Korea), Strange Fruit(Australia)
  • Artistic director : Phillip Gleeson
  • Artistic and Music director : Juhong Kim
  • About In the Shadow of the Dragon
    In the Shadow of the Dragon is a new work collaboration between Strange Fruit and Noreum Machi. This development is inspired by notion of ritual and ceremony as performance with specific reference to Shamanism. The hypnotic swaying of the Strange Fruit poles and the stunning score played live by Noreum Machi will open up a completely new physical performance paradigm. This project has been introduced at the Pitch New Works Now of Seoul 2012 ISPA Congress and has gained huge attention from Asia and America leading to the potential to premiere and tour the work internationally in 2013.
  • About Noreum Machi
    Noreum Machi is a world-renowned Korean music and dance ensemble committed to rediscovering traditional music that suits contemporary times. The group achieves this through spectacular percussion dialogues, haunting chants and entrancing acrobatic dancing. The music played by Noreum Machi is dynamic, interactive and the context for the performance is based on the traditional practices of Shamanism and Animism.
    Website : www.noreummachi.com
    Facebook : www.facebook.com/NOREUMMACHI
  • About Strange Fruit
    Strange Fruit is a Melbourne-based performing arts company that produces and performs a remarkable style of work fusing theatre, dance and circus, using a unique elevated performance apparatus: the ‘poles’. Our performances effortlessly cross cultural boundaries and provide a highly accessible experience for audiences around the world. Our work is both highly spectacular and distinctly intimate.
    Website : www.strangfruit.net.au
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