2012.10.08 mon - 10.12 fri  The National Theater of Korea
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  • This official showcase for outstanding works in the Korean performing arts is the representative PAMS brand. Thirteen works have been selected from the productions developed and released in Korea, representing the genres of theater, dance, music, and multidisciplinary performances.

  • The Booth Exhibition provides an occasion where around 85 culture and arts organizations and performance groups can publicize their current productions and projects. This exhibition is also a networking venue where professionals can gather to share practical information.

  • Following region specific sessions each year, PAMS put spotlight on Central and Eastern European Performing Arts in 2012. Session will offer audience with deeper understanding towards the region's performing arts landscape and issues in their cultural and social context. Organized with support from International Visegrad Fund.

  • The LIP program is designed for people seeking partners on international co-productions. It takes the form of presentations through which participants introduce their ideas and/or production plans in the creation, development, and distribution stages and locate partners in their home country and overseas (performers, choreographers, co-producers, presenters, etc.).

  • PAMS facilitates in-depth networking by variety networking programs such as Speed Dating, an opportunity to meet with theater specialists, festival programmers, and other professionals from Korea and overseas. In addition to its official networking programs, PAMS also organizes a variety of unofficial networking channels.

  • An unofficial PAMS showcase, the PAMS Link program was organized to present a broad range of productions in the Korean performing arts that are being performed during the event period. Around thirty works are selected from submissions and performed at locations throughout Seoul.